Monday, January 16, 2012

Progress for Kittens!

Hi everyone sorry I haven't posted in a while I've just had so many things going on. Now does everyone remember about those two little kittens that used to live right outside one of our windows? Well, my two neighbors also discovered them a little while after we did so they started taking care of them. They were getting much bigger. On their garage door they have a little doggy door because they used to have a stray cat but now he lives inside with them. Anyway back to the kittens, so our neighbors decided to go to Danbury CT, but both of the kittens were in the motor of the car and stayed there until they got to Danbury. When they got to Danbury they saw the two little kittens run away and they tried to get them but they couldn't.When they got home they were both sad that the kittens were gone. So if you're taking care of stray kittens always remember to check your motor.