Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yay Kittens

After we got back from being at the jersey shore we went to check on our house in Connecticutt. Everything looked fine there except a huge branch fell down in our front yard. We checked to see if the kittens were there and at first we didn't see them but then we saw them in a different spot. The kittens were even cuter now because they were chubby and there eyes were open now but not there ears. The mom wasn't there at the time so I went over to go look at them. This time they were both there. I couldn't help not holding one of them so I picked one of them up and it was so warm and cuddly. I held the kitten for a little while and then put it back down. We had to leave now so I said goodbye and then we left. Stay safe kittys.

Monday, September 5, 2011

More In The Jersey Shore

The few last days were great we went to Cape May Friday night and we went in a bunch of cool stores. The first one we went to was a soap shop that has this really cool soap that smells amazing called monkey farts. We also went to an arcade which was also really fun. Saturday was just a fun lazy day on the beach. Sunday when we went to the beach again there were a bunch of live sand crabs. My dad caught one and he gave to me to hold. There was also a baby one in my hand. Then after that we left and had a long drive back to my house.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jersey Shore

It's been a fun filled week down here at the Jersey Shore. Some of my friends came down and my grandparents also came down and we all had a blast. We went to the beach and went boogie boarding there and when we were in the ocean on boogie boards we were about five or six feet away from dolphins. It was really cool being that close to wild dolphins like that. And the night before they left we went to the board walk which had a lot of fun rides like roller coasters, bumper cars, games, a ferris wheel, and much much more. So far it's been a pretty fun week and next summer you all should think about coming down here.