Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey I'm back sorry I haven't been posting for a VERY long time but I have great news. Me and my family have this little puppy named Mindy-Lu (Mindy for short) for a while now and she is adorable! She's about five-six months and she's looking for a great home. She's a female Bull Terrier mix and loves people. She's great with dogs, cats, kids, and she won't chew up your shoes. She loves to snuggle up with you at night and she's can be crazy occasionally. She has minor blatter infection (she is on meds for three more weeks) and should kept in a crate when you leave the house due to anxiety. It would be better if she was in a home with another dog friendly male dog (must be neutered) and cannot yet be left alone for long periods of time (5 hours+ is to long). Please tell everyone you know about Mindy so that she'll find a home!!!!

Contact me at:

Want more info go to to see pictures of my baby girl.

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